Zirconia implants, Veneers, Patient satisfaction


The present case describes the clinical and radiographic results of 24 months of two-piece injection-molded zirconia implants with immediate loading, as well as the aesthetic and functional planning performed in the anterior maxilla. Case presentation: A 36-year-old female patient was referred to a dental school due to dissatisfaction with the aesthetics of her smile and the absence of dental elements 22 and 24. Prosthetic rehabilitation of the anterior maxilla was performed, including implant-supported prosthesis with zirconia implants and ceramic veneers, using a digital workflow. The patient was followed up for 24 months, with good clinical and radiographic results. Conclusions: The aesthetic and functional rehabilitation performed in the patient's maxilla, with veneers and ceramic crowns, was successful and contributed to the patient's psychological and emotional well-being, in addition to restoring occlusal stability, through the orientation of the canine and the adequate protrusion of the anterior teeth.


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Paola Rebelatto Alcântara

Instituto Latino-Americano de Pesquisa e Ensino Odontológico - Ilapeo.

Geninho Thomé

Instituto Latino-Americano de Pesquisa e Ensino Odontológico - Ilapeo. Neodent.

Camila Pereira Vianna


Roberta Schroder Rocha

Pesquisador independente - Neodent.

Waleska Furquim

Private Practice.

Rubens Moreno de Freitas

Instituto Latino-Americano de Pesquisa e Ensino Odontológico - Ilapeo.


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Rebelatto Alcântara, P., Thomé, G., Pereira Vianna, C., Schroder Rocha, R., Furquim, W., & Moreno de Freitas, R. (2024). AESTHETIC AND FUNCTIONAL REHABILITATION BY ASSOCIATING INJECTION-MOLDED, IMMEDIATE-LOADED, TWO-PIECE ZIRCONIA IMPLANTS AND CERAMIC VENEERS. RECIMA21 - Revista Científica Multidisciplinar - ISSN 2675-6218, 5(2), e524448.